Friday 27 November 2009

Newport Pub Closures - November update

Part of an occasional series in which the latest pub closures/openings in and around Newport are mentioned.
Errors and omissions accepted, if any readers have anything further to add please put them in the comments section. NB Comment moderation is enabled due to spam.

Photo above is the former King's Arms, Belmont Hill (Enterprise Inns). Currently being converted into Indian restaurant.

Newport Pub Closures since 1997:
  1. Simpsons, High St, Closed – empty building
  2. Chartist Arms, High St – closed – premises converted into a restaurant
  3. Carpenters Arms, High Street – closed – freehold for sale
  4. Lloyds, Cambrian Rd, became Jarcals, then Tesco Extra. Beer quality has improved!
  5. Breeze, Cambrian Rd, closed, lying empty
  6. Newport Brewhouse, Market St, now a nightclub
  7. Trout, Market St, became Can-Cans, closed, building derelict
  8. Ale House, ex-Sovereign, John Frost Square, closed and demolished
  9. Welsh Prince, Commercial St, closed – premises converted into a Thai restaurant. Freehold for sale.
  10. Langtons, Charles St, closed – premises auctioned 11.08
  11. King William IV, Commercial St, closed – derelict building
  12. Scrum Half, Commercial St, closed, retail premises
  13. Westgate Hotel, Commercial St, closed, part retail premises
  14. Royal Exchange, became Harveys in Pill, Commercial Rd. Closed, building derelict
  15. Mariners Hotel, Commercial Rd, closed
  16. Welcome Home, Commercial Rd, closed, residential accommodation
  17. Black Horse, formerly Celtic Bar/Falcon, Commercial Rd
  18. Waterloo Inn, Alexander Rd, closed and re-opened as a restaurant and hotel
  19. Cumberland house, Courtybella Tce, - closed -residential
  20. Orange Tree, St Michael St, - closed and demolished
  21. White Hart, Tredegar St, closed, business unit
  22. Old Rising Sun, Malpas Rd, closed, building derelict
  23. Pentwyn House, Bettws – closed
  24. Chaplins, Caerleon, demolished, residential development
  25. Cotton Club, Cambrian rd
  26. Three Salmons, Rogerstone, now an Indian Restaurant
  27. Jolly Roger, Rogerstone, now an Indian restaurant
  28. Old Globe, Rogerstone , now an Indian/Chinese restaurant
  29. Dolphin, Dolphin St, Pill, closed residential
  30. Seven, was Yates Wine Lodge, converted from the Tredegar Arms, High Street. Closed
  31. Victoria, Corporation Rd, closed – converted into restaurant
  32. Crown Inn, Albert Avenue, closed
  33. Seven Styles, was Lliswerry Hotel, closed and demolished, residential development
  34. King, Somerton, closed, awaiting demolition, residential development
  35. Black Horse, Somerton, closed, awaiting demolition, Tesco Extra
  36. Pullmans, Spytty, demolished, KFC on site
  37. New Inn, Bishton, now residential
  38. King's Arms Belmont Hill, Enterprise Inns, conversion to Indian restuarant
  39. Waterloo, Pill, converted to restaurant and hotel
  40. O'Reilleys, Baneswell, became Ryans Bar, then Xit, closed
  41. Gladiator, Malpas, closed
  42. Merry Miller, Bettws, closed
Pubs closed since last update (July)
    43. Angel, Baneswell, closed
    44. Corporation, Corporation Road – boarded up, fire damage
    45. Carpenters' Arms, Maindee, closed, boarded up, freehold for sale
    46. Oddfellows, Baneswell, closed
    47. Drover's, Caerleon, closed, boarded up
    48. Roman Lodge Hotel, Ponthir Road, - planning permission granted for conversion to residential
    49. Griffin, Market St
Under threat
Hereford Arms, Maindee, planning permission applied for residential apartments
New Pub openings since 1997
Dragonfly, Cardiff Rd, M & B
1995 Wetherspoons, became John Wallace Linton, JDW
1999 Godfrey Morgan, Maindee, JDW
2002 Tom Toya Lewis, Commercial St, JDW
Banc, Maindee
Page, High St
2009 Valerie's Bar, Commercial Street
NB Clubs are not counted above, I define a club as somewhere that charges membership or an entrance fee. However the following has opened and is open during the day:
Newport City Lounge, Commercial Street
Friendship, Ringland has become Harveys of Ringland
Hornblower, Commercial St. Admiral Taverns
Engineers Arms, Baneswell, Admiral Taverns
Church House, Pill, Harveys
Maindee Hotel, Maindee, S & N pub enterprises (Freehold for sale though)
Queens Hotel, JDW, was Walkabout
Golden Hart, Cardiff Rd
Globe, Maindee (Enterprise)


Fidothedog said...

The Hornblower is opening and closing on a regular basis these days, it might need a section all of its own one of these days.

Brew Wales said...

@fido - have heard that Alchy Karen's daughter is back in charge of the 'blower so expect the high level of customer service and cleanliness that we had under that regime.

Curmudgeon said...

A depressingly long list there - I assume this represents a significant winnowing out of the pre-existing pub stock in Newport.

Rogerstone seems to have suffered particularly badly!

Regrettably this is all too typical of many other parts of the country :-(

Anonymous said...

The Carpenters Arms High Street is closed.. As is the pub under the Car Par opposite where the Drugged up Chav scum used to go, possibly called Glitterball?

Brew Wales said...

Mentioned the Carps, No2 on list.
Not sure if the Gold fish Bowl/Glitterball was ever a pub, thought it was part of the nightclub next door and did coffee in the day?

Anonymous said...

Passing the Goldfishbowl today it had a legal notice up saying the windows are being bricked up and changed into office space..

The Chav place next door Yates has also re-opened as a Australian theme bar but I've yet to see anybody in there.. Probably be closed again soon..

Also the Globe and The Star appeared to be closed last night and where up to let.. As was the Tredegar Arms but they where advertising that as being used as Office Space

Anonymous said...

More nightclubs then pubs and a cause for celebration, but the Chav friendly Escapade and Fire and Ice have shut down..


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