Thursday 5 November 2009

Brewdog top dog on Wikio

The Wikio rankings for last month are out and Brew Dog have had the pre-announcement tip off this time. It comes as no surprise that they are top this month in the Wine and Beer section, their "Equity for Punks" launched last month attracted lots of debate and rumour in the blogosphere with everyone clicking on their site and linking back to it. What does come as a surprise is that there are now only 4 wine blogs in the top 20. Now compare this with the amount of coverage in the dead tree press wine gets compared to beer. Do these figures prove that there is more of interest in beer than in wine? With the exception of the 'Trumpet of Truth' ie, the South Wales Echo which has a weekly beer column written by the Brew Wales editor (blowing my own trumpet there) and the Western Mail which has a beer column by Brian Glover, the rest of the media in Wales; South Wales Argus, Swansea Evening Post, Monmouth Beacon etc, all ignore beer writing in general. Any surprise the blogs have taken off so well?

1 Brew Dog Blog (+1)
2 Pete Brown's Blog (-1)
3 Pencil & Spoon (=)
4 The Pub Curmudgeon (+6)
5 Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog (+3)
6 Tandleman's Beer Blog (-2)
7 The Beer Nut (+2)
8 Spittoon (-3)
9 Brew Wales (-2)
10 Stonch's Beer Blog (-4)
11 Bibendum Wine (=)
12 Called to the bar (+4)
13 The Bitten Bullet (-1)
14 The Wine Conversation (+1)
15 Jamie goode's wine blog (-1)
16 Impy Malting (+3)
17 Reluctant Scooper (+7)
18 Real Ale Reviews (+11)
19 Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog (-6)
20 On pubs and beer - screeds by jesusjohn (+37)

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