Saturday 21 August 2021

Rhymney Brewery to open pub in Newport

A stroll down Commercial Street in Newport revealed a lot of closed and borded up shops but this former bank has a notice in the window, applying for planning permission for change of use to a pub. The Blaenavon-based Rhymney Brewery are looking to convert this building into a pub to fit in with their portfolio of pubs in Merthyr (The Winchester), Pontypridd (The Wonky Bar), Cardiff, Aberdare and Maesteg. Good to see a brewery doing something positive in the City Centre.

The address, 32-33 Commercial Street was formerly a branch of the RBS, 
1948 the National Bank had chambers here
1938 National Bank
1914 Hodder,  Henry & Co Ltd,  chemists were here
1897   32,  Oliver,  Geo,  bootmaker
              -   Davies,  D,  manager, Geo Oliver
           33,  Garrett,  & Atkins,  chemists
            -   Atkins,  & Lockyear,  photographic artists

32 Phillips H. W. clothier    
33 Adams John, pork butcher    
33 Jacobs Samuel, watchmaker. &c.
Lewis, David, Builder and Valuer, 32, Commercial street.
Harden, Charles, Baker, Grocer and Confectioner, 33, Commercial street.


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