Thursday 9 July 2009

That pub in Torchwood

From Brew Wales

Been having a lot of hits recently for 'Hereford Arms, Cardiff' and why? Well a pub called the Hereford Arms has featured in some scenes in the current series of Torchwood. It is of course the Hereford Arms in Maindee in Newport. Real ale handpumps can be seen in the clips of the show and Crouch Vale Brewers Gold, Fullers ESB and Gales HSB pumpclips have all been spotted on the pumps.

As everyone seems to be commenting about this pub I'll post another photo of it
From Brew Wales

37 Hereford Street, Maindee, NP19 8DT
(01633) 262817
10-11 (12 Fri & Sat); Sun 12-10.30
There is a website but its not been updated for a while


Unknown said...


Norman Tupwitt said...

We are coming

The Beer Nut said...

Thanks. I had been idly wondering where the Fuller's house in Cardiff was, or if *gasp* they'd actually gone to London to film it.

Brew Wales said...

Not you and your religious nutters Norman?

Dale said...

Great! Thanks.
I knew the pub was in Wales, but didn't know where.
On my list of places to visit now. ;-)

Brew Wales said...

Better get there soon, the pub was threatened with conversion into flats, though not heard anything recently.

Anonymous said...

This is the pub where the local branch of the BNP have their meetings, second wednesday of the month. whites only.

Brew Wales said...

Anonymous: Well the unwashed masses of anarchists meet up in the Murenger and I've never seen an ethnic minority attending those meetings.
The only reason the BNP meet in the Hereford is that the pub is around the corner from Maindee police station and so it is ideal for the police to attend when they finish their shifts.
As for "whites only" did you know the Black Police Officers Association refuses to allow white offices to join? We don't hear you so called liberals criticising their apparently racist policies?

Anonymous said...

and an asian owns it so they b pay full rent lol..


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