Saturday 9 October 2021

A pint in the Pilot

The Mumbles Mile pub crawl is one of those historic crawls that is better left to history than attempted, apparently there were 26 pubs when the pub crawl was first put around in the 1960s, far less today but at least there are no Watney Brewery pubs left. Probably about 13 pubs now, although the line blurs between "eatery" and "pub". A few of the pubs are food only so are actually restaurants, others are hardly open, The George for example but that may have to do with the Brains sale of their pubs. Anyway, any serious attempt at the Mumbles Mile faces  serious problems in that the beers in the Pilot brew pub and the nearby micropub Ty Cwrw, Welsh for Beer House, are far better than in the other pubs/restaurants along the way. Mumbles is worth a visit just for those 2 pubs. 


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