Saturday 14 November 2009

Murenger - haven in a superpub ghetto

Newport is not a great place for good pubs, however Ye Olde Murenger House on High Street is the notable exception. Owned by Sam Smith's brewery of Yorkshire, the Murenger serves Old Brewery Bitter drawn from the wooden cask. The building dates back to the early 1500s. Have written about this pub on previous blog entries so not going into all the details here but if you are ever in Newport it is well worth visiting. The price of the OBB is a competitive £1.90 a pint and there is no music or TVs in the pub. Time for another. Live blogged from the Murenger using the Sony Ericsson K550i.


Curmudgeon said...

Sounds great - I'm a big fan of Sam Smiths and their pubs always seem to be "proper pubs", with proper pub customers. Good to see they have kept the cask on - a few of their pubs around here have lost it recently :-(

Brew Wales said...

Have heard that the Oyster Bar in Manchester, thats your part of the world Curmudgeon, has got rid of cask. Shame, Sams are a good but very weird company

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of good pubs in Newport if you like dance music and Sella.. Look at all the friendly Chav Scum and Bag Sellers in the Greyhound.. And the Chav's in Spoons, are they aggressive in a friendly way - or friendly in a aggressive way..

I have no idea how most of the Newport Town Centre pubs stay open, largely empty and full of dodgy people and chavs


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