Tuesday 24 November 2009

King's Arms, Abergavenny

Abergavenny is also home to the Tudor Brewery, in fact there are 2 breweries, the main one at the Celtic Spirit Company base and a smaller plant at the Kings Arms pub. The Kings Arms is the brewery tap for both the Celtic Spirit Company and the Tudor Brewery. The beers of Tudor Brewery have improved lately, due to a new brewer being employed. The most popular beer is the 3.6% Blorenge - a light and hoppy, thirst quenching beer, in fact this is so good I don't want to try the others but will out of duty to my readers. The Skirrid (the beers are named after local mountains) is a mid-brown 4.2% beer, and is a sweeter, more fruity ale with a bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately the 4.7% Sugarloaf was not on at the time of the visit. The King's Arms is a truly ancient inn, as it was next door to the old Tudor Gate and town wall. Some of the surviving internal partitions still exist and are a possible indicator of the old burgage plots from medieval days. This pub has plenty of character with old fireplaces and wooden partitions, even the former outbuildings, once home to Delafields Brewery, have been enclosed and a cinema has been installed out the back. The food range is impressive as well with an emphasis on local ingredients, even the crisps are local as the Real Crisp Company products are available here. A local pub serving local beers and local food sounds a bit Royston Veasey but it works here in the King's Arms. Right another pint of Blorenge coming up. Live blogged from the King's Arms using the Sony Ericsson k550i.

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