Thursday 25 June 2009

Hall of Shame - Watneys Starlight

Hall of Shame, part 2

An occasional series devoted to what Brew Wales considers the worst in the world of brewing and drinking

Watney's Starlight - this beer was so weak in strength that a 1971 Sunday Mirror investigation discovered that it could have been legally sold in the United States during Prohibition.

Luckily it died a death along with the Watney Empire some time ago. Not even tickers want to see this return.


Anonymous said...

Oh god it's back

Anonymous said...

I needed to be good the next day so stuck to star light all evening. I have never been so sick before or after. I was sober which made it worse.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it able to be classed as a soft drink?

Anonymous said...

I remember that beer , no fear of getting stopped for drink driving.

Anonymous said...

I told my mates I drank 14pints of this and could still walk a straight line, in the Army in Devon at the time. None of my mates had heard of it in Notts.

Anonymous said...

Remember my Parents selling Starlite in their Watneys pub and my Dad telling the brewery to get it out because his customers absolutely hated it and pure and simply it just Didn’t sell.
As has been said it soon disappeared from being brewed and eventually if I recall rightly Norwich Brewery bought out Watneys in the Norfolk and Suffolk area.


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