Monday 23 November 2009

Old Brewery Bitter

Not a Welsh beer, but brewed at Sam Smith's in Yorkshire and available in Ye Olde Murenger House in Newport for the bargin price of £1.90 a pint. This brown coloured ale is drawn from oak casks - Sams are the last brewery to do this on any scale. Wadworths still employ a cooper but you hardly ever see their wooden casks apart from in a few of their pubs. I think the wood does impart some flavour to the beer, tannins are noticable in the aftertaste of the OBB and the harsh, bitter flavour of the beer is not to everyones taste but I like it. Its a shame the brewery no longer produces the stronger Museum any more but that's what you get with this brewery which does not even have a website. Back to the beer. Live blogged from the Murenger on the Sony Ericsson k550i


Curmudgeon said...

I like OBB, but I would have described it as very much a malt-accented brew with a bittersweet note, certainly not "harsh and bitter".

Brew Wales said...

A few friends of mine find it too harsh to drink. OBB also varies a lot, perhaps more than any other national cask beer. I've tasted it in London and Stockport, Yorkshire and found it varies quite a bit. The landlord in the Murenger has won awards from Sams so I use it as my baseline when drinking elsewhere.

Curmudgeon said...

The consensus around here about the Museum Ale when it was brewed was that it was really too heavy and malty for its own good and almost had to be drunk with a spoon.

Maybe I would appreciate it more now as I have come to like malty beers more with the passage of time.


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