Thursday 4 June 2015

Seven Years for Zerodegrees Cardiff

Hic, been celebrating at Zerodegrees in Cardiff for their seven years at their Westgate Street Brewpub. Lots of beer flowing, including an India Pale Lager, a thyme Saison and a Strawberry Berliner Weiss. As well as the Mango beer and a few others. Pizza, cooked in their open kitchen helped soak up the beers!
Zerodegrees in Cardiff was the first craft beer pub to open in the City, nowadays Brewdog Cardiff is just a few yards south of here and heading North one encounters Tiny Rebel Urban Tap House and the City Arms. Added to that the plastic paddy palace that was Kitty Flynn's is now the Cambrian Tap, things are looking good for the beer drinker in the 'Diff,with more of a selection than ever before.
Nearly forgot to me mention the Gravity Station run by Waen Brewery, Craft is King it appears in Cardiff.


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