Monday 23 November 2009

Taddy Porter

Sam Smith's Brewery is very traditional or set in its ways as some might say. This is even shown in the size of their bottled beers which are 550ml instead of the more common 500ml. Its a bit of a suprise when you are used to pouring a 500ml bottle into a pint glass and suddenly realise this bottle is not going to fit! Anyway the Taddy Porter is 5% and is an intensely black beer with an aroma of roast malts and fruits, am detecting caramelised apple in the aroma. The taste is a bittersweet flavour at first before the tongue is swept by a tsumami of roasted and charcoaled taste sensations. As the beer warms up, it came straight from the fridge, the full complexity of Taddy Porter is revealed. Lots of flavour and lots of taste, packed into a beer from the oldest brewery in Yorkshire.

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