Sunday 18 June 2023

Visiting the Brewdogs in Berlin


At the time of visiting Berlin, there were 3 Brewdogs in the City: Mitte, Friedrichshain and the Dog Tap. Berlin has a wonderful public transport network with underground and overground trains as well as a well-developed tram and bus network. Day tickets can be purchased at stations or via the app

From Alexanderplatz, the heart of Berlin, take the U8 heading Northwards to Gesundbrunnen or any further northward stops, alight at U Rosenthaler Platz and, if you wish a small diversion on this trip, head eastwards to Mikkeller Berlin although it doesn't open until 1500hrs on weekends and 1700hrs weekdays. Alternatively head out of Rosenthaler Platz and carry on up Brunnenstrasse until the crossroads with Invalidenstrasse becomes visible, we need to turn left here and then second right into Ackerstasse and Brewdog Berlin Mitte is on the right.

Google Streetview from 2009 shows what still appears to be  a cleared bombsite, cannot embed the picture, but it is available clicking here

Today, a modern building stands on the site with Brewdog occupying the ground floor

It was whilst sat here I thought about visiting the other Brewdogs in Berlin, how difficult would it be? Well I knew the Dog Tap was out on a limb down South somewhere so with the help from Google and after a few jars in Mitte I headed outside and waited at Pappelplatz tram stop, in vain for a tram heading West, no luck after a quarter of an hour (they are supposed to run every 10 minutes on this line), so I walked the 7 or so minutes to Berlin Nordbahnhof on the S-Bahn

Here we need a southbound S2 service to Lichtenrade, alighting at Attilastrasse, trains run on average about every 10 ninutes. The journey is about 20 minutes on the S-Bahn. Exit Attlilastrasse to the east, cross the road and head south east on Ringstrasse, the journey walking takes about 20 minutes. Keep heading south-east, over the bridge (canal or river, not sure?). Turn right into the industrial estate for Rewe , you are now on Alt Gaswerk Mariendorf, keep straight on this road until you see the signposts for Dogtap on your right.
The former water tower? Part of the old gassworks where Dogtap Berlin is located

NB there appears to be an alternative footpath on the map that takes you to the front of Dogtap, parallel to the S0Bahn line, due to construction work at the time I could not locate this but it may appear on Google maps later.

Finally, we arrive at this:
Impressive isn't it? I've travelled across Berlin to visit a shed!

Well, not quite a shed, this is an iconic piece of industrial architecture which lay derelict until the American founder of Stone Brewing, Greg Koch decided he could turn this into a brewery and venue, This is all in the film, The Beer Jesus from Amerca,, available to watch on Amazon Prime

Unfortunately for Greg Koch, Stone pulled out of Europe, selling the site to Brewdog. Stone later sold to Sapporo for $165 million.

What you can only understand by visiting this place us the actual size of it, it's more like a beer hall such as the Hofbrauhaus in Munich than a Brewdog pub.

Unfortunately on my visit in September 2022, not everything was working, I was shown to a table and told to use the Brewdog app to order, no problem, Apart from the fact the table I was on didn't have any number on it! So I went to the bar to order and find my table number!

Then there were the delays with the beers I had ordered, I ordered a pizza with beer and the pizza arrived only to be followed by the beer 10 minutes later. I realise on that day Dogtap Berlin was receiving a visit from James Watt so they were busy lubricating their tongues rather than dealing with the needs of customers so I would put those problems down to teething troubles BUT a section of the bar reserved just for customers to be able to be served at when the app is playing up would be a bonus. Would I visit again, yes, but others may be put off by that experience. The venue was starting to fill up by early evening.

Onto the next one!
Come out of Dogtap and turn right, following the car park and exit, turn right again on Alt Gaswerk Mariendorf and follow this road until it joins the main road, Lankwitzer Strasse, there is a bus stop, Greinestr across the road and a short walk right. The 181 leaves here about every 10-15 minutes. Alight at Alt-Mariendorf for the U-bahn station of the same name, as this is a terminus station on the U-bahn every train heads north.
Take the U6 North until Unter den Linden change for the U5 for Kaulsdorf-Nord and alight at U Frankfurter Tor, find the correct exit out of the U-Bahn station and Brewdog Friedrichshain is on the South-East corner of the road junction. Mo photos as it was dark by now and the phone was out of battery and so was the emergency charger!

Friedrichshain is a wonderful suburb of Berlin, full of breweries, rather like Shoreditch in the East End of London, now that's a future blog entry........


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