Monday, 1 October 2012

Celt Beers big in Japan

From SIBA News:
Winner in Japan for The Celt Experience

Celt Bronze has just won the Bitter Category in Japans biggest beer competition. In one day 42 judges evaluated 250 beer entries in Japan Craft Beer Association’s International Beer Competition 32 breweries, 16 countries, 87 beer categories. flights Beer Enthusiasts, brewers from around the world, journalists, beer importers and retailers were ecstatic, never having experienced anything like this event.

The Celt Experience have been consistently one of the biggest selling premium craft ales in many department stores in Japan. Founder Tom Newman commented “It was a fantastic result for our brand and success in Japan, this year has been incredible we are over the moon, its time to hit the bar…..”

The Celt Experience have already won awards in The True Taste Awards, SIBA National, SIBA Regional, Great Welsh (CAMRA), Beer Academy and Soil Association this year.

The brewery in Caerphilly have now began upgrading their plant which is currently at capacity.

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Ivor Biggun said...

"The Celt Experience have been consistently one of the biggest selling premium craft ales in many department stores in Japan."
- Not from what I've seen. Unless those stores don't offer a huge selection to compare with. Bottles are quite pricey over here. The Celt Experience has been on tap at a few pubs though. The golden ale, bitter and is it an amber of sorts?
The bottles are quite pricey - even for Japan and I haven't heard anyone talking about them over here (except about how expensive they are) - apart from me. Still, they've been on tap at a few places and no one has said anything negative about them.
I finally got to try a little and liked the golden ale. Tom did a good job!
Congrats on the bronze. There aren't many bitters being made/sold in Japan but it's still a good achievement.
Felin Foel is over here too with double dragon and the stout (which is far too creamy and soft tasting).
Hope more Welsh craft breweries will export over here. We are getting more and more British breweries showing interest. Right now, the guys from Box Steam are in Tokyo. might meet up with them tomorrow. The Japanese market is saturated with American made and domestic hoppy IPA's. There is room for some finely crafted session ales.
It's a good time to be a drinker in this fine land of the rising pint.


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