Friday 2 November 2012

Artisan Brewery open this Saturday

Some news from Simon at Artisan Brewery below:

Don your favourite winter-woolies, scarf, mittens and the lot. As we go where most others dare...

Behold - BAR OPEN 'NOV 3rd' our second-to-last open event of the year.

We'll have hot food and pints of:
Helles Lager, Bavarian Wheat, American IPA, ALTbeer, and if it seems fitting or gets any darker/colder - what the hell! Midnight IPA to keep things jolly.

We'll be serving wine and cider and soft-drinks too.
'Bare Naked Beer' T-Shirts will be available on the day. And we suggest everyone buys one of these bad-boys.

We'll be taking comment on what our next range of beers will be called. Of-course prizes for all those who's grand ideas come to fruition. Sound like a competition? I suppose it is.

Entry forms on the day, and online soon…

Bring your mates. Free entry & No outside booze please.

Artisan Brewery
183A Kings Road, Cardiff, CF11 9DF
And a bit of bad news regarding his battle with a cola company here.

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