Tuesday 9 June 2009

Vulcan update. National Assembly Petitions Committee

Brew Wales attended the National Assembly Petitions Committee this morning where evidence was heard regarding the Campaign to Save the Vulcan pub. The heritage organisation CADW have consistantly refused to protect the Vulcan by listing it and the council have local listing powers but there do not protect a building against demolition. There is a Heritage Protection Bill floating in the ether of the Westminster Government which will give local authorities more power to protect old buildings, however it may be becoming law next year. However locallisting does not provide any inhanced powers to protect a building. Adding a building to a local list has not stopped a building from being demolished in at least the last 10 years. CADW see no national significance of the Vulcan and hence it falls to Cardiff Council to act to save the pub. Meanwhile reports on the front page of the South Wales Echo today suggest that the Vulcan may be saved amid rumours of meetings between brewers Brains and developers Rapport. The Vulcan was closed Monday due to flooding, preventing Brew Wales from his usual lunchtime Brains Bitter, but hopes to reopen today.

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