Friday 5 June 2009

Battle of the Welsh Brewers begins Next Week

Welsh brewers gear up for Champion Beer of Wales Award.
Brewers from across Wales will be heading to Cardiff next week for the Champion Beer of Wales Competition, to be held at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival, Cardiff International Arena.
With nearly 40 breweries in Wales at the moment, it will be a tough job to decide which beer wins the coveted title of 'Champion Beer of Wales'.
If you want to see if your local Welsh brewery will be at the Festival, then click here for a map of Wales with the breweries shown. Thanks to Uncle Wilco at Media Wales for designing the map for us.

Welsh Beers at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival. All subject to availabilty.

Brains Dark, 3.5% ABV, Mild

Brains Bitter, 3.7% ABV, Bitter

Brains SA, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Brains Reverend James. 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Brains SA Gold, 4.6% ABV, Golden Ale

Brains seasonal, 4.6% ABV, Best Bitter

Breconshire GVX, 6.00% Strong Bitter

Breconshire Welsh Pale Ale, 3.40% ABV, Mild

Breconshire Mountain Rescue Brew 4.4%

Breconshire Golden Valley, 4.2%ABV, Golden Ale

Breconshire Ramblers Ruin, 5% ABV, Strong Bitter

Breconshire Cribyn, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Breconshire Spirit of the Dragon, 6.50% ABV, Barley Wine

Breconshire County, 3.70% ABV, Bitter

Bragdy'r Nant Special, 4.50% ABV, Best Bitter

Bryncelyn Holly Hop, 3.9% ABV, Bitter

Bryncelyn Buddy Marvellous, 4% ABV, Mild

Bryncelyn Oh Boy, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Bullmastiff Welsh Gold, 3.8% ABV, Golden Ale

Bullmastiff Son of a Bitch, 6% ABV, Strong Bitter

Bullmastiff Welsh Black, 4.60% ABV, Speciality Ale

Celt Experience Native Storm, 4.4 ABV, Best Bitter

Celt Experience Golden, 4.2%ABV, Golden Ale

Newman's Red Castle Cream , 4.7%ABV, Speciality Ale

Coles Dewi Sant, 4.40%ABV, Best Bitter

Conwy Mulberry Mild, 3.80%ABV, Mild

Conwy Telford Porter, 4.50% ABV, Porter/Stout

Cwmbran Crow Valley Stout, 4.20% ABV, Porter/Stout

Cwmbran Pink Panther, 4.50% ABV . Speciality Ale

Cwmbran Double Hop, 4.00% ABV, Best Bitter

Dare Summer beer, 4.10% ABV, Golden Ale

Dare Falcon Flyer, 5.20% ABV Strong Bitter

Evan Evans Cwrw, 4.20% ABV, Best Bitter

Evan Evans, Best Bitter, 4.20% ABV, Best Bitter

Evan Evans Golden Hop, 4.20% ABV, Golden Ale

Facers Daves Hoppy Beer, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Facers Flintshire Bitter, 3.80%ABV, Bitter

Facers Sunny Bitter, 4.20%ABV, Golden Ale

Ffos Y Ffin, 3 Arches , 4.80%ABV, Strong Bitter

Felinfoel Double Dragon, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Great Orme Celtic Dragon, 4.40% ABV, Best Bitter

Great Orme Welsh Black, 4.50% ABV. Strong Mild

Jacobi Red Squirrel, 4.00% ABV, Bitter

Jacobi Light Ale, 3.80% ABV,

Kingstone Gatehouse, 5.10% ABV, Strong Bitter

Kingstone 3 castles, 3.80% ABV, Bitter

Kingstone Kinsons Gold, 4.00% ABV, Best Bitter

Miws Piws Snowdonia, 3.60% ABV, Golden Ale

Miws Piws Dark Side of the Moose 4.60% ABV, Old Ale

Miws Piws Cwrw Glaslyn 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Heart of Wales Aur Cymraeg , 4.10%ABV, Best Bitter

Heart of Wales, Welsh Black, Porter/Stout

Heart of Wales High as a Kite, 9.00% ABV, Barley Wine

Monteys Sunshine, 4.20%ABV, Golden Ale

Otley O1, 4.10% ABV, Golden Ale

Otley O Garden, 4.60% ABV, Speciality Ale

Otley Dark O, 4.10% ABV, Porter/Stout

Otley Porter, 6.00% ABV, Porter/Stout

Otley OG, 5.40% ABV, Strong Bitter

Otley O8, 8% ABV, Barley Wine

Otley New Brew to be confirmed

Plassey Welsh Border , 3.5% ABV, Mild

Plassey Bitter, 4% ABV, Best Bitter

Rhymney Dark, 3.9% ABV, Mild

Rhymney Export, 5% ABV, Strong Bitter

Rhymney Bitter, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Rhymney Hobby Horse, 3.8% ABV, Bitter

Rhymney Lager, 5% ABV, Speciality Ale

Sandstone Postman Prat, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Swansea Deep Slade Dark, 4% ABV, Mild

Swansea 3 Cliffs Gold, 4.7% ABV, Golden Ale

Tomos Watkin Chwarae Teg, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Tomos Watkin Seasonal to be confirmed

Tomos Watkin Cwrw Haf, 4.20% ABV, Golden Ale

Vale of Glamorgan Grog y Vog, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Vale of Glamorgan Wheat's Occurring, 5% ABV, Speciality Ale

Vale of Glamorgan Best Bitter, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Warcop to be confirmed

Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival, Cardiff International Arena, CIA, Mary Ann Street, Cardiff CF10 2EQ

Open: Thursday 11th June 11-11, Friday 12th & Saturday 13th June 11-11

Entrance £5 (£4 for Under 26s and CAMRA members), includes souvenir glass and festival programme. For more information log onto:, tel:07807 609712

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