Friday 5 June 2009

Blast from the past - Rhodri taps Brains at Beer Festival

Decided to dig out an old photograph and publish it on Brew Wales. The occasion was the Cardiff Beer and Cider Festival in the Star Centre in Splott about 10 years ago. Rhodri Morgan was Economic Development Minister at the time and had kindly agreed to open the Festival by tapping the first barrel of beer, which was, of Brains, his favourite brewery. The Festival was a huge success and went on to become the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival when it moved first to City Hall and then to the Cardiff International Arena. Don't forget the Great Welsh opens this year on Thursday 11th June at 1100. Caption competition - go on stick a comment on the blog as to what is being said. May have a prize for the best one.


Norman Tupwitt said...

Don't tell anyone but I've just sold Jane my old flat - needs some work though!

Anonymous said...

Rhodri: I just imagine the barrel is Peter Mandelson and hit away?

John Bellingham said...


Drunken Dewi said...

"there's more Brains here than in the cabinet"

Fidothedog said...

Well at least he is not off playing golf.


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