Tuesday 22 November 2011

Stout & Porter Festival for the City Arms

The premier ale house of Cardiff, the City Arms will be holding a stout and porter festival starting Wednesday November 23rd and finishing on the 30th. A week of these dark and delicious beers from across the UK have been hand-picked by manager Chris and include a few award-winning beers as well:

Purbeck, Studland Bay Wrecked
Blackwater Brewery, Pre-Raphaelite
Thornbridge, SeaForth
Banks and Taylor, SOS
Brentwood, Lumberjack
Brentwood, Spooky Moon
Brentwood, The Dodo
Salopian, Vortex
Salopian, Shropshire Gold Stout and Porter Fest 2011
Brentwood Weald Porter 4.9%
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild 6%
RCH Old Slug Porter 4.5%
Banks & Taylor Black Dragon Mild 4.3%
Burton Bridge Damson Porter 4.5%
Blindmans ,Icarus 4.5%
Amber Winter Ruby 5%
Neathergate Umbel Magna 5%
Titantic Plum Porter 4.9%
Montys Midnight Stout 4%
Waen Blackberry Stout 3.8%
Waen chilli Plum Porter 6.1%
Bristol Beer Stout 4%
B&T Edwin Taylors Stout 4.5%
Mighty oak Oscar Wild 3.7% Dark
Otley Oxy moron 5.5%

Have previously written about the City Arms here, a pub previously known as the 'Van of Flesh Tavern' due to its proximity to the cattle market and slaughterhouse. This Brains pub now has regular beer festivals, American and German so far this year and offers the most interesting guest beers in the City Centre.

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