Friday 4 November 2011

Ember Inns launch 4 cask ales for November

Ember Inns, a division of M & B are launching 4 new cask ales this November, or NovEmber as they have called it.
Only Ember Inn in South Wales is the Deri Inn, Heol-Y-Deri, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6UH.

Here's the blurb from M & B:
"We have four ales in our festival that are fast, eco-friendly, female-friendly and even inspired by a famous music for each week from 1st of NovEmber at The Deri Inn.
Special stories, unique ales

If ales could talk, what would they say? Well, the four special ales in our NovEmber cask festival have some interesting stories to tell:
Project Green - known as 'the fastest ale on Earth' where the whole brewing process from field to glass takes only 100 hours
Build a Rocket Boys! - created by the band Elbow, this golden ale has a rich rounded body, smooth bitterness, subtle tang of malt and a fruity aroma
Pure Gold - one of the most eco-friendly ales in the country, this is a refreshing golden ale with a dry and bitter finish
Venus Black - a team of seven British and Irish female brewers make this tasty black IPA"

Okay good to see M & B do something like this but 'the fastest ale on earth' - I understand it uses green hops, freshly picked but was the grain freshly malted as well? If not then its hardly 100 hours from field to glass.
Never heard of the band Elbow so I'm a bit of a loss with this one - had to look them up on Wikipedia and still at a loss as to what their songs are. Still they seem to have put Ramsbottom on the map.
Pure Gold - eco-friendly? Well beer is 97% water and as the old saying goes you don't buy beer you just rent it.
Venus Black - female brewsters involved? Hoepfully this beer won't have a yeast infection anytime!

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