Tuesday 29 November 2011

Zero Degrees Cider

Thought I'd give this cider a try as its only recently made an appearance on the bar in the Cardiff Zero Degrees.
Golden yellow in colour and with a noticeable aroma, not unpleasant but of fresh green apples and freshly mown hay. I'm not used to ciders that smell of apples! The aroma does start to mellow after a while, with some vanilla coming through.
The taste is of, well really nothing much with some slight tanin notes coming through at the end together with some apple flavour.
I'd guess this cider is made from desert/eating fruit by its flavour, its not too unpleasant but when you are used to making your own cider using proper cider fruit the blandness of commercial ciders is noticeable. Getting to the end of my pint now and a sweet cloyingness is beginning to creep in. Not to my taste but I'm sure some people will like it.
4.5% ABV

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