Wednesday 2 January 2013

Brecon Brewing Sie Deutsch

A bit of an odd beer this, the pumpclip proclaims its 'a dark bock bier' but the colour is red-brown. Ah its been matured for 2 months so its one of Busters' experiments, closer examination of the pumpclip reveals Genesis 2:i, a rather hit 'n' miss series of beers.
Aroma: fruit, old grapes, quite musty, almost Grappa-like
Taste: Sweet, alcoholic, 2 months maturing on a bed of hops should really have imparted more flavour but I guess they added to the
aftertaste: bitter, butterscotch flavour, not to my taste and reminds more of a Belgium style of beer rather than German Bock. Still at 6% it packs a punch for the seasonal drinkers.
Overall score

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