Monday, 7 January 2013

Brains brew White IPA

Well we've had Black IPAs so why not a White IPA? Belgian White and American IPA styles fused together at Brains Craft Brewery to produce this interesting brew:
According to Brains, "Atlantic White blends the tradition of Belgian ‘Wit’ beers and the hop-character of American IPAs to produce a ‘White IPA’. Brewed with wheat malt and Belgian wit yeast the addition of freshly crushed coriander seeds, Curacao orange and US hops gives a light refreshing beer with a zesty and spicy finish".

A bit of a fusion beer but as last year saw the IPA series being brewed on the Craft Brewery, 2013 will see a range of European-inspired brews coming out of the brewery.


Craig Heap said...

Is this out in their pubs yet or have you been given a heads up? It sounds interesting.

Brew Wales said...

It should be out in the pubs but not seen it yet. Still trying to find their Shy Porter


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