Friday 16 July 2010

Locals cry out over pub improvement

From Brew Wales

There was much angst in the Twittersphere and on Facebook last week when pub company Mitchells and Butlers announced that the Pen & Wig in Cardiff was to be refurbished. Knee jerk reactions were in place along with petitions and a statement from a CAMRA source in Cardiff that the current Cardiif CAMRA pub of the year had been sold to a wine bar chain.
Rather than listen to the gossip, Brew Wales decided to do some research and can confirm the Pen & Wig has not been sold but is merely transferring from one division of Mitchells and Butlers to another. At the moment the pub is in the Town Pub portfolio and the plan, after a refurbishment is to transfer it into the Nicholson's chain. Now having been a fan of Nicholson's for years - they run some of the best pub company-owned pubs in London - historic pubs with excellent quality beers - this can only be an improvement for Cardiff. However the NIMBYists disagree and without looking to the facts have all started to sign petitions to stop the improvements to the pub. Don't take my word as to how good Nicholson's are, His Worshipfulness the Official Ale Taster of London also agrees.
Latest word on the improvements to the Pen & Wig is that they are to be delayed for a year due to the outcry of a bunch of small-minded ill-informed customers. In Newport we would welcome any of our pubs being improved in this way, Cardiffians open your eyes and be grateful companies are willing to spend money improving their pubs in your city.

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