Wednesday 14 July 2010

My favourite fake charity is at it again

Hat Tip to Curmudgeon for this beauty from Fake Charity Alcohol Concern Cymru, who are funded by us the taxpayer to the tune of £250,000 for 2009/10.

Alcohol Concern Cymru have released a briefing paper to "stimulate wider public debate" about alcohol sales at petrol stations and garages.

Pointing out the bloody obvious, neo-prohibitionist Andrew Misell from the fake charity Alcohol Concern Cymru says, "Petrol stations, by their very nature, are strongly associated with driving and attract significant trade from motorists”. No shit Sherlock, this guy must be a genius to make that connection and he wants to stop motorists buying drink, for instance, on their way home from work. Listen you sniveling public sector bansturbator, if I choose to buy a drink - I make that choice - not you or your friends in the Nanny State which you wish to become the Bully State. In the consultation paper, Fake Charity Alcohol Concern Cymru admit that the number of drink-driving accidents has substantially reduced over the last 20 years but still want to ban more outlets selling alcohol. Also they do not provide any data to make the connection between alcohol sales in garages and drink driving.
Above: An accident not caused by the driver buying alcohol in a petrol station.

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