Saturday 27 March 2010

Purple Moose brewery supports National Cask Ale Week

Purple Moose Brewery will be taking part in National Cask Ale Week for the first time this year, with special promotions and events involving pubs near the brewery.

There will be discounts available on Purple Moose beer as well as the opportunity to collect tokens which will be redeemable against Purple Moose merchandise at the brewery. Pubs involved include the Golden Fleece and the Union Inn, Tremadog, and the Station Inn and Spooner's Bar, Porthmadog.

In addition Purple Moose Brewery will be holding special tasting evenings where customers can chat to the brewers about the ingredients and try samples from each of their four beers. These will be held from 20.00-21.30, on Tuesday 30th March at Spooner's Bar, Porthmadog, and on Wednesday 31st March at the Golden Fleece, Tremadog.

Purple Moose Brewery has recently increased capacity with the arrival of new fermenting and conditioning tanks, almost doubling capacity.

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Massive fan of Purple Moose's beers - always taste them when I can get them up here - usually at festivals!


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