Wednesday 3 March 2010

Artisan Micro Beer Festival

Artisan Brewing Co. presents the first microBEER Fest for 2010.

SATURDAY MARCH 6th - (12noon start - 9pm finish).

As per the norm. We've planned a whole day of live music performance, matched in brilliance by a delicious array of specialty beers (brewed on-site). Tasty wholesome food - hot off the BBQ, resident artists open studios, and a big bucket of fun.

Bands/Artists confirmed so far...
Calling Madison
The Method
Miss Maud's Folly
The Ped & Joe Show
John Fazal
Kathleen McGee
Rowan Ligget & Saunders

we are contemplating hosting an open mic prior to the booked acts - what is your feed back on this? anybody game?

More Music, beer and BBQ details will follow

*Please note - no bottle sales will be permitted on the Festival Saturday. Although bottles will be available the Friday 5th March and Sunday 7th should you wish to stock-up for the weekend.

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