Friday 1 May 2009

Ye Olde Murenger House - paintgate update

Further to my previous update - it appears the choice of colours for the outside of the pub was left to the painters themselves, without any reference to listing building status or the local council. Despite Brew Wales best attempts no one from Newport Council was available to comment on this flagrant breach of planning law on Friday afternoon. Hardly suprising as this weekend is a bank holiday and it is well known that council employees regularly have an extra holiday. In fact Brew Wales witnessed a few members of the planning department actually drinking in the Murenger this afternoon. Ok lads, obviously to busy to return my phone calls, along with the so called PR department of the council who are more interested in producing a local rag with positive council stories (Pravda had nothing on it) rather than field inquiries from the press. But then the PR experts employed by councils still regard the MSM as the major organ of communiction to the public and phone calls from mere bloggers are not worth replying to. Afterall with the South Wales Argus now being printed in the Midlands, the local government officials who are responsible for dealing with the press have their new deadlines to deal with according to the copy deadline of US company Gannet. Not suprising no one from Newport Council was available to comment. Note: Newport Council were first contacted 1215 friday and Brew Wales asked for a quote about the vandalism of the Murenger House. The council chose not to reply. Hoons the lot of them.

UPDATE: Newport Council finally got back to me and agreed that the current paint scheme is not in keeping with a Grade II Listed Building. Letters are starting to fly.


Dave Snark said...

Have you got in touch with anyone at the Argus?

The Sec-RAT-ary said...

Surely that's the 'undercoat' ???

They're not going to leave it that 'shite' colour surely ?

Brew Wales said...

The pub has been surrounded in scaffolding for weeks whilst the cowboy painters went about their piss-poor repaint. It is not an undercoat but the finished job. Dreadful does not fully describe the work done.


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