Friday 1 May 2009

Murenger - not glad to be grey

Ye Olde Murenger House is an unmistakable black and white timber-framed Tudor pub in the City Centre of Newport. Or was, owners Sam Smiths of Yorkshire decided to repaint the Grade II listed building in grey-green gloss with an off-white plaster! Now I have always been supportive of Sams in the past, they saved the Murenger from collapse but a colour scheme such as this is not suitable for a building of almost 500 years of age. If the present customers are not happy, then those who haunt the pub will be up to their usual tricks tonight. Have only just looked into this story and cannot find any listed building consent on Newport council website for this makeover and Brew Wales is waiting for a call back from the council over this bodged repainting.

1 comment:

Dave Snark said...

It looks as if they god cheap paint and thought sod it, we've got it now may as well use it


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