Wednesday 13 May 2009

New Otley Beer

The Otley Brewery of South Wales has a limited edition new beer out. The 4% Otley Columbo is named after the Columbo hop variety and is a golden ale with an intense hoppy aroma and bitter flavour. Hops and fruit on the aftertaste lead to a satisfying bitter finish. This beer may be too hoppy for some but it really hits the mark for Brew Wales. Just been told that the beer is dry hopped, meaning that hops are put in the cask to add to the flavour during conditioning, producing this hugely aromatic and bitter beer.


andrew wilcox said...

a great pint hops and all

The Sec-RAT-ary said...

I've tried the 'ordinary' 'Columb-O' (4% ABV) during the recent 'Rare Beer Day' at the 'Bunch of Grapes' in Pontypridd, and I was bowled over by the taste of the 'Columbus Hops'. The other 2 versions of this same superb Beer were tasted by myself again in the 'Bunch' on Monday 11th May. Both versions were dry hopped with an added 40% and 50% of - and I'll assume here - the same 'Columbus' hops used in the brewing (?)process. Without a doubt another sure-fire winner (winners !) for the Otley boys !


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