Thursday 23 June 2011

The pub on death row

Just completed a television interview for the BBC in the Vulcan in Cardiff. Programme is entitled 'Calling Time' and is going out in November.
We shot the piece in the Vulcan which is in its final year as pub. The demolition is set for June next year, with a car park to be built instead of this historic City boozer. It would be a crying shame if this pub goes, other cities preserve their heritage not build extra car parking spaces on them.
The Welsh equivalent of English Heritage, CADW, are unwilling to save the glazed tilled-frontage building and politicians in the Assembly offer their support but refuse to spot list it. In fact, speaking to politicians, a few of them are embarressed by the Vulcan as it shows just how little power they have to save part of Wales' heritage.
So its 12 months and counting before the bulldozers move in and destroy this pub, pop in to support it if you are in Cardiff, it may be your last chance!

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