Tuesday 14 June 2011

Buster branches out

 ****** EXCLUSIVE ******

From Brew Wales

Award-winning brewer and Chair of the Association of Welsh Independent Breweries, Justin 'Buster' Grant has today announced that he will be parting company with Breconshire Brewery and their owners Marlow's to form his own company, Brecon Brewing Limited. Marlow's has been up for sale for some time and Buster has decided that his future lies with his own company rather than working for someone else.
Buster, a Herriot-Watt graduate and a former brewer at Brakspears in Henley-upon-Thames, first moved to Wales some 10 years ago to start brewing in Brecon.
According to Buster, "The time has come to move on and form my own brewery and the opportunity has arisen with the sale of CH Marlow to branch out on my own, with help from a couple of friends".
Joining Buster in this venture will be former sales manager of Breconshire Brewery, Simon Hall, and the former manager of the Hobgoblin pub in Reading, Duncan Ward (think he also ran the Old Toad in Rochester NY at one time as well).
The 20 -barrel brewing plant will be up and running in the next few weeks, in time for Brecon Jazz Festival.


Ivor Biggun said...

Good luck to him. If I get back home to Brecon I'll be sure to try everything they make. I wonder if he has plans to ship to Japan?!

Ivor Biggun said...

Good luck to him. If I make it back home to Brecon, I'll be sure to have a pint of everything he makes.
In the meantime, I wish he'd export to Japan! We get bloody Hobgoblin here but not much else, British and quality wise. Although friend recently imported a few kegs of Kipling - which was nice. Alas they came via the states so weren't 100% perfect condition.

Scotland said...

Best of luck, if it's as good as your previous beer which I'm sure it will be I'm sure it will be a huge success.


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