Friday 24 June 2011

O Heaven

The Otley lads have put a beer festival together this weekend, featuring 20 of their best brews, from the 18th month cask-aged O Ho Ho to the new Hedgero brewed with elderflowers and gooseberries. Where to start, where to finish?
If you like hoppy beers then this is the festival for you.
Dark 8 - a blend of Dark O and O8!
O Mai brewed with fresh raspberries
Spoilt for choice at this festival


Erik Brandt said...

Great to meet you a week or so ago at the Goat Major. I returned there a few times and sampled all the Brains they had. I think the SA "Skull Attack" was my favorite!
Thanks for helping me understand Wales and Welsh beer better!
Have a good summer
Erik Brandt

Brew Wales said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself and our Welsh beers on your visit.


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