Wednesday 10 February 2010

Pub Closures - North Wales

Some interesting facts from the Daily Post

1,033 pubs in North Wales in 2005
1,005 pubs in North Wales in 2007
956 pubs in North Wales in 2009

A breakdown shows most pubs have closed in the Clwyd South constituency, with 18 of the 137 shut up for good.

The full article is here, about the latest plans from the Bunker, via Health Stazifuhrer Andy Burnham to halve the number of UK smokers to 1 in 10 by 2020 by extending the smoking ban to beer gardens. Yes you read that correctly, the latest headline grabbing scheme from this failing government is to want to ban smoking in beer gardens. Country almost bankrupt and the idiots in 10 Downing Street can only come up with this. Makes the Brew Wales editor want to take up smoking!

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