Wednesday 17 February 2010

Newmans Daliad Da

Popped into the Pen and Wig, Stow Hill, Newport for a lunchtime pint and found this beer from Newmans/Celt Experience on the bar. A tawny coloured session bitter with a dry finish, this tastes strongly of crystal malt, not unpleasant but hardly spectacular. A good session ale at only 4.2% ABV, the name translates as "Good Catch". Not bad for a lunchtime pint in the City Centre for only £2.20 and the food is quite good in here as well!

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Charles Dawson said...

I had a pint of this in Wetherspoons, Maindee, Newport on 16/03/2012. £1.89 during the Beer Festival. Yes it is a pretty good session beer and was a very nice pint!


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