Wednesday 11 August 2010

Rug-Munchers moan about new Cardiff Bar

Now I'm all for freedom of choice when it comes down to drinking, there are plenty of bars in both Newport and Cardiff that I would never consider drinking in, however when an American company wants to spend money opening a new a bar in Cardiff, you would think that the residents of that city would welcome such an investment in the City. Newport is dying at the moment, today I noticed a pound shop having a half price sale and no pub company or brewery in their right mind would choose to open a bar in the City. Cardiff on the other hand is a vibrant City with a choice of traditional locals, superpubs, cafe bars and also somewhere people and their businesses want to invest in. Last week it was announced that an American theme bar by the name of Hooters wants to open in Cardiff, causing much outrage and even a protest from the rug-munching-denim-overall-wearing-not-using-imac-brigade. Okay darlings, we supposedly live in a free-market economy - if a company wants to open a perfectly legal business then they should be allowed to. What happened today in Cardiff, outside the John Lewis Department store, was that the objectors to the opening of the perfectly legal business were soliciting autographs from shoppers in order to present a petition to Cardiff Council Licensing Department to stop Hooters from being allowed to open, without explaining any of the facts about the comapny.
Hopefully Cardiff council will ignore these signatures as they are being presented by extremely biased and possibly deranged groups of band-wagon followers such as Socialist Workers (sic) and other deniers of freedom of speech. Oh and the idiot American Ed 'My Ph.D. will be finished this year' has also joined the crusade. Last seen jumping up and down during a Cardiff general election result announcement right in front of the cameras for an election he was not even eligible to vote in, it does make you wonder why he continues to push his authoritarian and communist ways onto the people of this country. Perhaps it's because in the Land of the Free his deranged outbursts would be ignored by all and sundry and he would soon find himself receiving the psychiatric help he is evidently in need of.
 Anyway back to Hooters, a business which does not force anyone to work for them and if you choose to work for them you get your uniform and by the smiles on the faces of the workers, it looks like they have a good time.
If you doubt the ethics of the company, please check out the Orange Pride section of their website. Hooters are one of the few companies that have ever come out well in an episode of Undercover Boss and has made outstanding improvements to empower their staff afterwards.
So if you support the free market and job creation then please join the Facebook site, "SAY HELL YEAH TO HOOTERS IN CARDIFF" but also take a minute or two to wonder why we need this discussion in a so-called free society. Lets face it if the Cardiff feminists and their loony left allies want to stop the exploitation of women then a trip to Riverside at night is worth doing.

There is a Twitter Group for hooters_cardiff but it might be a spoof.


Bob said...

Not everyone in Cardiff is against it, don't get your knickers in a twist, personally I don't care either way as I am sure it will Budweisers.
There are also plenty of "rug munchers" that do not care either.

Daniel Grosvenor said...

The Twitter account is a fake. Don't suppose I could convince you to replace the link with one to our "Say HELL YEAH to Hooters in Cardiff" campaign instead?!/group.php?gid=121316254582456&v=wall

Anonymous said...

"Some of us don't want to live in a free market society"

Fuck off to Iran or North Korea then.

Anonymous said...


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