Wednesday 14 October 2009

No to bland beers

Spent the night in the Pen & Wig, Newport drinking the very enjoyable Otley Columb-O, not a strong beer at 4% but packed full of flavour, it's most probably the hoppiest ale brewed localy. And yes I do like hoppy beers. The American Columbus hop used in this beer produces wonderful citrus flavours, we are talking grapefruit here, a lasting astringency as well. The aroma is hoppy as well, think some other hops have made their way into this excellent golden brew. To get back to the title of this post, a few breweries in Wales stil produce bland beers and then complain to CAMRA when their beers fail to win awards at national competitions. Very sorry, Brew Wales has no sympathy for those sad outcasts from SIBA who claim that they brew bland beers for the 'locals' as that it what they call for. Tasty beers are what the customers want, not some boiled-up Welsh river water at which a hop was waved in the general direction of. If brewers want to be noticed then put some flavour in your beers. Bland beers don't do the public or the Welsh brewing industry any favours, neither does taking the casks of other brewers without their permission and using them for your own beer. NB the points made above involving cask theft and bland beers do not refer to Otley brewery, but to another Welsh brewery a bit further West. Any comment from the Clown Prince of Welsh Brewing?

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