Friday 2 October 2009

Don Shenker is a Chump

Both Pub Curmedgeon and Dick Puddlecote have picked up on this excellent blog, written by Brew Wales' drinking buddy Fido and entitled Don Shenker is a Chump. Well its not actually called that but I'm sure Fido meant those words. Okay possibly not, but if Mandelson can attempt to get away with it.......
Here at Brew Wales we are no fans of the Government-funded Fake Charity Alcohol Concern or of its boss, Don Shenker. In fact a Brew Wales article appears on the Don Shenker is a Chump blog.

To quote from the blog:
"Head of a fake charity, Don sees his role as blowing booze into a media problem. A scaremonger who claims that a tipple or two turns us into mad beasts that need control. Then booze can give us cancer, reduces our immune system leads to all of societies ills. Unelected, a puritan who is given your tax money to put across his pet message. Don needs to be stopped".

Digging around in his background, it appears that the fake charity boss spent some time in Wales, as he did his degree at the Trefforest Miners Institute (1987-1990), now the University of Glamorgan.
Brew Wales cannot help but think if he spent more time researching in the 'O Block' his puritanical anti-pub views would not be so strong as they are today.

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