Friday 30 October 2009

Beerex at the George in Chepstow

It's been a few years since the Brew Wales editor stepped into the George and the new interior was a bit of a shock. The new bar on the right hand side as you enter replaces the old cozy left hand bar which used to back onto the town wall. Bigger bar means more handpumps and 6 of them grace this new installation. The beerex is a bit dissapointing as the local beers from Kingstone are not on yet, instead we have a good selection of Marstons beers including Jennings Cocker Hoop and World's Biggest Liar as well as Brakspear Oxford Gold, Hobgoblin and Ringwood Best. Pub is decked out in a Halloween theme which the feral kids running around the pub must be enjoying. Last time I was in the pub had lunch with the local MP, don't think will be popping in again for a while. Still the beers good despite the ambience of the pub which half-heartedly attempts to be a Weatherspoon without putting in the effort. Still there are worst pubs in Chepstow. Off to the Coach & Horses next for their Beer & Sausage Festival. First time I tried Brakspears Oxford Gold was today, a wonderful autumnal hoppy aroma leads to a bitter and moreish aftertaste. Definetly a beer to have again.

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