Monday 12 October 2009

Zero Degrees Cardiff

Popped into the Zero Degrees in Cardiff, not a pub I use regularly but will give it a go once in a while. Six beers brewed on site available today, the 6% Octoberfest the best of the lot, both in terms of flavour and accuracy of the beer style. This brewery on Westgate Street has a very modern feel to it, despite being housed in a former 1930s Art Deco garage! The beers: Pilsner - light and hoppy but a heavy malt aroma, may be served too young here. Lager the beer for a few months or even weeks if you want it to call it a Pilsner. Pale Ale - not very pale as is red in colour and not very at all similar to an English ale as US hops (Cascade and centennial are used). Cloying sweetness, not a well-balanced beer. Black Lager - a taste sensation of roasted malts hitting the tongue, leading into chocolatey overtones. Wow factor on this one, suggest having the Smoky Mexican pizza with this. Wheat Ale - the banana aroma of this beer is the first hint of what to expect from this beer, a very good example of a German Wheat Beer tastes like. Surprisingly good. Mango beer - mangos go well with curries with chutneys but with beers? An interesting fruity aroma leads to a sickly sweet mango flavour. Can only think to match this beer with a curry. The sample tray pictured above cost £2.50 but did not include the Octoberfest Beer which was the best of the night. Zero Degrees is a good addition to the Cardiff scene, a US style brew pub, just wish the beer was a bit less cold an fizzy.

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