Thursday 17 September 2009

Fishlock's Wales - Welsh Cider

ITV Wales have been filming a new series of Fishlock's Wales, and where better to start than at Gwynt y Ddraig Cider, to film Welsh cider being made. The series will be broadcast on Thursday nights, starting the 15th October on ITV Wales at 1930 hrs.

Above: the hopper being filled with apples

Pictured: the apples being loaded into the hopper and being fed into the scratter and belt press.

Andrew Gronow, Production Director of Gwynt Y Ddraig Cider explains the finer points of cidermaking to ITV Wales.

Below: The belt press

The belt press was made in Germany and provides a continuous crushing process, the apples are washed and sorted before being scrattered (chopped) into small pieces from which the juice is extracted. The juice is then pumped into wooden barrels for fermenting.

The crushed apple pulp is then fed to the cows on the farm, nothing is wasted here! She is really loving, not just sticking her tongue out! The last time I saw cows that happy was in St Mary Street, Cardiff on a Friday night.

Below: Operations Director Bill George explains some of the intricacies of blending different apple varities to produce the perfect cider.

Above: Some of the finished ciders and perries.

For those of you who live in South Wales, Gwynt Y Ddraig Cider is available in Tesco's and selected Spar shops throughout the area, failing that they will be at the Abergavenny Food Festival this weekend and at the Great British Cheese Festival next week. The farm is also open for off sales 10-5.30.

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