Tuesday 1 September 2009

A good year for perry

Well the second orchard of the day has a lot of perry pears again. The photo shows the rich crop of perry pears of an unknown variety which we have found at 4 different Monmouthshire farms. There are still old orchards to discover in Wales and the borders. Right time to start picking.


Mark said...

Arfur, what did you and your fellow Pankers use to get the fruit down. I'm currently investigating various carbon fibre possibilties for accessing some very large old trees in Worcs. Did you have an old Ash pole or something more modern and innovative?

Brew Wales said...

We used an extendable aluminium pole with a hook on it. Fits on the back of the truck. Think the pole may have been sourced from a DIY store, will ask the others where it was sourced from.


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