Monday 14 September 2009

Black Lion, Llandaff, Cardiff

A short walk down from the Butcher's Arms is the Black Lion, another pub whose history stretches well back. The windows have the 1930s Brains A1 logo on them and the bar is wood panelled throughout, though more 50/60s refurbishment than 1930s. Still the floor tiles are a late 60s or 70s decoration. I've always liked the Black Lion, it is a useful stop off point after doing BBC Radio Wales just up the road. Lots of old maps and photos on the walls and Brains Dark, Bitter, SA and Rev James to wash them down. No music, well at least in the bar and a pub where conversation dominates. At the time of writing the Maltsters Arms opposite is closed for a major refurbisment/rebuilding and is due to reopen in November.

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Vod said...

I spent far too much time in here when I was a student at Llandaff technical college (as it was then). We'd pop up the hill for a swift one at lunch time & end up staying until it shut at 3.30pm (I think).


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