Monday 20 April 2009

Wales has second cheapest pint in the UK

In a survey conducted by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, Wales was found to have the second cheapest pint of real ale in the country, with an average price of £2.29 a pint as compared to the UK average of £2.59 a pint. In addition, Wales saw the smallest percentage change in the price of real ale over the year - a 1.8% increase as opposed to the 5.5% increase seen nationally. The cheapest place for a pint of real ale was the North West of England.

CAMRA's 2009 Prices Survey shows that:
  • The pub price of a pint of real ale has increased by 5.5% since February 2008
  • The East Midlands has been hardest hit, with real ale prices increasing by 9.1% since February 2008
  • Britain's independent freehouse pubs are the worst suffering pubs, increasing real ale prices by 6.2% in the last year

The full details of CAMRA's Annual Prices Survey- conducted between January 19th and February 23rd 2009 in a variety of public houses can be accessed here.

In addition:
  • 18% beer tax increase by Government in 2008 has forced publicans to up real ale prices by an inflation-busting 5.5%, new research from CAMRA shows
  • Britain's drinkers have paid over 3 billion pounds in beer excise duty since March 2008 Budget
  • 70,000 people sign up to Axe the Beer Tax campaign. 25,000 have contacted their MP to call for a freeze in beer taxation and abandonment of plans for annual above inflation beer tax hike.
Slightly off topic but customers can still find a pint for less than £2 in Newport and in Cardiff.
Ye Olde Murenger House, High Street, Newport sells Sam Smith's OBB at below £2 a pint and the Queens Vaults, Westgate Street, Cardiff, sells Felinfoel Bitter at a very competitive price, £1.49 the last time Brew Wales visited!

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Anonymous said...

Felinfoel was still £1.49 at the end of Feb 09, and decent quality.


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