Thursday 16 April 2009

Save the Vulcan – Bar Trek

Drink Long and Prosper

From Brew Wales

To celebrate the launch of the new Star Trek film, where better than to have a fancy dress party than at the Vulcan in Cardiff, a pub threatened with assimilation into a car park in the next few months? Now I don't think that Frosted Bajoran Ale, Synthahol or Klingon Blood Wine will be making an appearance alongside the excellent Brains Bitter and SA or that gach would appear on the menu instead of the filling rolls, but the bar of the Vulcan is more welcoming than Ten-Forward and the range of customers would not be out of place at Quark's.

Will the enterprising Save the Vulcan campaign be able to put up a strong defiance against the dominating developers who are already preparing their quantum torpedoes to level the site?

Will Liz be dressing up as Guinan for the night?

Will Brian make an appearance as Quark?

Will Yamok sauce make it as far as the kebab shops on Caroline Street?

To be continued.................

So lets not see the Vulcan disappear into the wormhole forever and support the Save the Vulcan campaign by dressing up as your favourite Star Trek character and coming along to the pub to celebrate the launch of the film. Prize for the best fancy dress outfit.


Vulcan Bar Trek fancy dress party 08.05.09. 2000 hrs

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