Friday 17 April 2009

Independent criticises Champion Beer of Wales winner

Failing dead tree press member, 'The Independent' has criticised the current Champion Beer of Wales, Otley O8, for encouraging binge drinking and calling it an 'extreme beer'. Brew Dog Brewery was also criticised, along with Dark Star and Thornbridge Breweries . The full article can be read here
Now events this week have proved that the national newspapers take their orders and even articles from the Government, so was this anti-beer post instigated by the teetotal one-eyed Prime Mentalist whose policies are closing 39 pubs a week? Or by one of his lackies in the Downing Street Bunker?
A quote from the fake charity Alcohol Concern, who are funded by the Government, is also included in the biased "Independent" article.
Last paragraph from the Indy was given over to common sense:

BrewDog's head brewer, Martin Dickie, denied encouraging irresponsible drinking, pointing out that some of his bottles cost £4 each. "There's no way someone can drink 20 a night. It's probably the least economic way of buying alcohol. You can get a bottle of vodka for £5."

His products were meant to be enjoyed by friends in their own homes, he added. "You can sit down with two or three friends and open two or three bottles. It's much more relaxed and you are able to savour the beer."

Pete Brown takes the article apart in an excellent rebuttal here


Dom said...

Madness - All the shops round here are selling 2 litres of 'plastic' cider for under £3.

I know what I'd rather drink - Ottleys O-F

Damon Lord said...

2 litres for £3? Down at my local Lidl, their own never-heard-of-it brand is going for 2 litres at £1.29. They're also selling Wychwood and Spitfire, for £1.50 a bottle. Guess which one I'll be choosing....


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