Wednesday 22 April 2009

Badger's Bodged Budget

Today badger haired Chancellor Darling failed in his chance to help save the British pub. Rather than freezing beer duty to help pubs, the silver-haired four-eyed hoon announced in his budget that alcohol duty would rise by 2%. So expect a few thousand more pub closures caused by this teetotal Jockocracy and be thankful a general election is looming in June 2010.
Cameron described the fiasco that runs this country as "A Government of the living dead" and the tax everything policy is a typical death throw of a labour government.
Elsewhere this budget has been described as "the shortest suicide note in history".
After the anti-pub budget last year, tax on beer increased by 18% and we saw 39 pubs close every week. This budget will do nothing to halt those closures but it will not effect Alastair Darling, as of last year he was banned from most pubs anyway, along with cigarettes and gypsies. Good company to keep Badger!

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Fidothedog said...

A slight flaw in his fiscal plans. He claims that raising duties will bring in a certain amount of money into government hands.

Now by raising prices and doing nothing to stop 39 odd pubs closing a week - a trend that looks likely to continue - he will in fact have less revenue coming into his hands than planned for.

Thats without the ill feeling on the part of drinkers towards a government who sees them as a handy cash point to be tapped.

Drinkers who in hard times will be turning to the supermarket and not going to the pub.

Shall have to give our badger haired chancellor and Gordon a black mark in the school book on this one, rather than a gold star!


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