Friday 17 April 2009

Monmouthshire MP "Pub is essential part of the community"

Some News from Monmouthshire MP and Parliamentary Skipping Champion David Davies

MP in save the British Pub Plea

Monmouth MP David Davies has come out in support of the save the British pub campaign. The movement to help the struggling pub industry survive the recession is running an “Axe the Beer Tax” campaign aimed at helping Pub landlords compete with the supermarkets on a more even footing. At present a third of the price of every pint pulled in Britain’s pubs goes straight into the Government’s coffers.

The campaign also calls on the Government to save pubs and safeguard jobs by cutting tax on low alcohol beer and cider, paid for by increasing tax on problem drinks, principally high strength Lagers, Ciders and Alcopops. This would target binge drinkers but ensure that responsible drinkers and traditional pubs are not penalised.

David says” I fully support the campaign to save the British Pub. I believe the pub is an essential part of the community just like the village shop or post office. This is especially true in rural areas like Monmouthshire”

“In the last three years seventeen Monmouthshire pubs have closed their doors for ever, I believe there are many more struggling to survive. Pub Landlords are being assailed from all sides, high rents, high business rates, high taxes coupled with the economic crises are driving their takings down”

“If the government can be persuaded to ease the tax burden it will be a great boost to the pub trade. Monmouth has many wonderful pubs, I’m determined to do all I can to ensure they survive and prosper”

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