Thursday 15 March 2012

Fake Charity wants to ban beer advertising

Another day and another drinks-industry bashing report from fake charity Alcohol Concern Cymru.

"A new report from Alcohol Concern Cymru shows that children as young as 10 in Wales are more familiar with some leading alcohol brands and adverts than those for popular foods and snacks".

Well good, it shows that children are observant about everyday life and are familiar with a normal part of that life, ie, drinking alcoholic drinks. Oh but the fake charity Alcohol Concern Cymru who are funded by the taxpayer (£250.000 in 2009/10) don't see it that way, reading between the lines it is clear they want a ban on the advertising of alcoholic drinks "Won't someone think of the children" is their cry and the idiots in the Welsh Government who fund these prohibitionists are likely to give in to their demands.

Mark Leyshon from Alcohol Concern said:

“It’s clear that more effective controls are needed to ensure alcohol marketing messages only reach adult audiences, and are not attractive to children. We need to look at the best practice from other countries that are seeking to tackle alcohol harm, and produce a regulatory framework that’s fit for purpose.”

No Mark, you and your organisation need to lose your charitable status and state-funding. The BBC refers to Alcohol Concern Cymru as 'A health campaign group', they are nothing of the sort, these are the neo-prohibitionists for the twenty-first century. They won't be satisfied until thousands of jobs are lost by the excellent drinks sector we have in Wales.

France already bans alcohol advertising, something that caused much amusement when, a few years ago Brains were sponsoring the Welsh rugby team and had 'Brawn' and 'Try Essai' printed on the shirts.

The full report is available to download here as a pdf. Read it to see where the idiots in the Cardiff Bay waste taxpayers money.

UPDATE: Chris Snowdon rips into fake charity Alcohol Concern Cymru here

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Curmudgeon said...

And no doubt kids are well aware that Ford and BMW are brands of car even though they're not legally allowed to drive.


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