Friday 9 March 2012

Landmark Cardiff pub faces conversion into shop

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A landmark Cardiff  pub, the Lansdowne Hotel in Canton, could be converted into a shop if the owners of the building have their way. The pub is owned by the Chameleon Group who also operate the North Star on North Road and a number of other venues and have told local residents of the area at a meeting that the options for the pub are:

1. To lease the space on a long term basis to a chain shop/supermarket such as Co-op or Spar

2. To lease/sell to an outside company to open a restaurant

3. To open the Lansdowne as a pub/restaurant along the lines of the other venues ran by Chameleon Group such as The North Star. 

Residents made their wishes clear at the meeting that they would like to see the pub reopen as a pub, run along the same lines as other Chameleon Group and not another shop that will compete with already well-established shops in the area.

Chameleon Group have already converted the upstairs of the pub into 13 flats and did have plans to reopen the pub, according to this Your Cardiff article from 2010

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