Wednesday 14 March 2012

Local History Society object to name change

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Brewers Marstons have managed to invoke the wrath of a local history society by renaming one of its pubs 'The Dormouse' instead of its original name of 'The Crown' after it has undergone a refurbishment. BBC have the full story here.
Marstons do have a bit of an animal theme running through their new builds/refurbishments as in South Wales we have a Bumble Bee (Pontlanfraith), an Otter (Newbridge) and a Sand Martin (Cardiff) whilst in North Wales they have a Running Hare (Ewloe) and a Little Owl (Chester). However what is the point of renaming a well-established pub on a crossroads that everyone knowns the name of?

Recently in Newport we have seen the renaming of the historic 'Six Bells', on Stow Hill, opposite the Cathedral. Although not owned by Marstons - it was owned Punch last time I checked but could be anyone given the state of their business at the moment - it was renamed 'The Church House', for no apparent reason than the Cathedral (not church!) is opposite. To add to the confusion there are also 2 other pubs called the Church House in the Newport area already - one in Pill and the other just outside the City in St Brides Wentlooge but with the same area code (01633). So a great way to cause confusion to all there!

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Eigon said...

Someone should quietly paint a crown on the dormouse....


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